After almost a full year, I am proud to announce that on May, 27th 2021; that the SigEp WI-Theta Alumni and Volunteer Corporation is officially under contract to purchase 520 Southwest Rd! On June 1, 2022; we are scheduled to become home owners and have a permeant home for our beloved chapter! From 910 Union to 80 S. Elm and 440 W. Pine; several properties have been called “home” but we always knew it would be temporary. Those times will soon be behind us as we turn the page on the future of housing at SigEp WI-Theta!

To get to this point took a lot of effort by several individuals who I would like to acknowledge:

The Housing Search Committee:

Derek Dachelet for his knowledge and work for compiling our initial search list over the summer of 2020. Derek has been a steady force in our housing initiatives over the years and his experience has been a huge asset.

Hayden Bittinger, Jason Rose, Alex Kopel, Dawson VanWinkle and Matthew Nigh: These undergrads took time out of their days to go out and inspect and provide valuable feedback to the AVC from the undergrad perspective.

Willie Kuehni: My boots on the ground in Platteville. Willie has made such a time sacrifice to be there and be the alumni in the room as we evaluated all the potential properties. His commitment to this housing project has been imperative to its success.

Tonya Nigh: For her help in drafting the offer the purchase that ended up going over extremely smoothly in a very unique situation.

I’d also like to acknowledge all the past VP of Housing for the AVC including most recently Steve Kittel and Conor Harris. This would not happen without their previous commitments.

To all our Undergraduate Brothers: To all have a stake in making this happen. You have given of your time and talents to better this Fraternity. Without your dedication we would not be here.

To our Volunteers: A chapter can not grow without a strong volunteer base. The volunteers for our chapter are truly extraordinary.

Finally to our Founders: The journey you all started over 20 years ago created a foundation that this chapter has grown and flourished from. Each generation building their own floor as we reach to the skies to further our own potential. Without this solid foundation the tower would have collapsed.

As exciting as this is… there is much.. much more to come. Stay Tuned!

Chris Yerges – AVC VP of Housing