520 Southwest Rd. is a 4+ bedroom, 2 bath duplex currently owned by Bob and Paula Stauffacher.  It sits on a 0.346 acre lot; one of the biggest in the entire Greek Zone.  This property is within 1 block of campus and the back property line is adjacent to a student resident parking lot 7A.  The house is currently set up as a two-unit duplex with no internal access to each other. The main appeal of this property is that there would be no restrictions in tearing down and building a new facility as it has the proper road frontage and designation.  The land does have a slope down which will make it conducive to a future walk out basement. There is no street parking allowed at this location on Southwest Rd so all residents must park on Hickory (with permits) or in 1 of the two driveways. The property does have a garage with a dirt floor.

First Floor

The lower floor has a kitchen, full bath, and four other rooms; each currently being used as a bedroom.  From the Hickory St. entrance, the first room on the left would get converted back to a dining and conference meeting room.  The closet would get ripped out so that the pocket door to the adjacent room would become functional again.  From the kitchen moving counter clockwise you enter a small dining area.  This would get get converted to a foyer the cabinets would get used as a display case.  The entrance to the porch and downstairs is accessible from this area.  Down the hall a full bath is to the right.  At the end of the hall the room to the left would become the living room.  The rooms on the right; which is actually a room within a room, would become a double bedroom or primum suite.

Second Floor

The second floor is only accessible from the outside.  While this does seem inconvenient, it does add some privacy to the upstairs residents. The upstairs has a full bath, kitchen, and 3 additional bedrooms.  One of these bedrooms is currently serving as a living room space but would get converted back to a bedroom and may serve as a double.  The attic is also accessible from the main hallway.  It has reasonable access and space and the dormer window is large enough to serve as egress should the space get finished out.


Of all the properties that were reviewed, this property probably has the best overall basement out of any of them.  There was no signs of water leakage and the concrete appeared to be in good condition.  There is a good section at the bottom of the stairs to the hickory street side that could be sectioned off and finished out to make a RLC space.  The remaining space would remain unfinished. The laundry is in this space along with access to the mechanical.  The property has a boiler system for heat but does have two water heaters.  There is a toilet in the mechanical room that may get sectioned off to create a half bath, however; it it not currently hooked up.  The remaining areas of the basement may be used for storage back by the outside access door.


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