Purchasing a Gateway Facility


The purchase of a gateway facility is the first step in realizing the vision of owning and managing a viable long term modern chapter home to be the focal point of our chapter operations.  It allows the AVC to get additional experience in property management while also giving them the opportunity to control their own destiny in the long term housing needs of the undergraduate chapter. Since the Chapter’s founding, the goal of owning and operating our own chapter home as been a dream and goal not yet realized.

In July of 2020 the Alumni and Volunteer Corporation voted that the time was finally here to move on from renting and purchase our own chapter home.  While we have enjoyed the past 10 years at 440 W. Pine, it no longer made financial sense to keep renting.  An agreement was reached to discontinue the lease beyond the 2020-2021 school year.

Several months were spent researching and gathering information on prospective properties. In October of 2020 several properties were initially evaluated by the undergraduate chapter and alumni representatives who made up the Housing Committee.  They were able to narrow the field of potential candidates down to two very viable but very different options; each with their own pros and cons.

These two options were fully vetted out in December and the results presented in the first Business Plan to the full AVC Board of Trustees in early January of 2021.  The Board voted to pursue the property located at 220 Southwest Road that was owned by our current landlord at the time.  An initial inspection was performed which showed the house was in good working order.  

The big appeal of the property was the potential to tear down and build after 10 years.  The Board of Trustees was in agreement that the ability to control our own housing destiny was paramount.  

As the VP of Housing entered some initial negotiations with the owner, some unforeseen challenges were encountered that appeared to be a huge setback at the time.  The owner, however, did give the committee a lead on another property that was of similar acreage, price, but a few blocks closer to campus.  After some walk throughs by undergraduate members and alumni, this alternative property was presented to the full Board of Trustees and voted on to be moved into the primary position for purchase.

On July 1, 2022; HFF Properties, LLC completed the purchase of the gateway facility.  While not an official fraternity home currently, this site will be the location of our future home.

To read more on the details of the gateway facility current being pursued or read about Phase 2: Foundation, please click on the appropriate link below.